Jane Pitt is a interdisciplinary artist with a particular focus on sound & multi-sensory perception. She makes site-responsive sound, performance and text works nationally and internationally often in active participation with the public in public spaces; on land, water and moving vehicles.
Through a process of research, deep listening, field recording, vocalising, notation and digital editing she creates soundtracks and dialect text works that evoke a heightened awareness of the environment. They engender a curiosity in the topography and complexity of a place. This results in works ranging from public participatory vocalisations, large scale dialect text works, to digital soundtracks and radio transmissions.

She is the recent winner of the Curator’s Choice Prize ‘Of the Sea’ exhibition No.1 Smithery,Chatham Historic Dockyard, awarded for an artwork, ‘Fl├╝chtlingswelle’ (trans: wave of refugees), which expresses global, social and political significance.