Margo Selby is an artist and designer working with colour and geometric form in woven textiles. Her practice as a handweaver is in symbiosis with the design work of the studio for industrial production – art into industry.

Each unique loom-woven artwork has thousands of individual strands of yarn – every one of those hand-threaded, counted and re-counted. Margo’s works are painterly, in regard to the optical mixing of pure colour – and sculptural, in the physicality of woven thread as a mode of construction. Formal aesthetics are paramount; colour, shape, orientation, rhythm.

Visit the studio during Whitstable Biennale and see unique handwoven framed artworks, handwoven rugs and a selection of cushions and accessories for sale – and the loom in action.

The studio will be open Monday-Saturday 10-5; and we will be holding an evening Open Studio Friday 10th June 6-8.