20 years ago, Paula Stuttman and Matthew Swift had an exhibition in New York City titled 24 hours of cable. The 24/7 stream of flickering images influenced their media saturated work while those mysterious cables that provided ongoing connections to everything and anyone mirrored their desire to bind the work to each other and the viewers that joined them.

Jump forward to our present moment where cable TV is old-time nostalgia. Now we are all curators, carving realities through choices – authenticities projected through screens. And yet the need to make things, to leave a mark or draw a line remains a compelling human urge; it proves our existence in a physical, concrete world.

24 hours of everything reflects this division in a site-specific installation. This time instead of cables holding us together we are connected through a voice that asserts itself in our relentless 24/7 universe. It emanates from the work; it moves between the artists and their visitors. It states, “I am here.” It asks, “Where are you?”