Small House Cottage is going on a Summer Holiday to Whitstable where it will show Annie Taylor’s Grimm fairytale: Fitcher’s Vogel.

Annie Taylor (aka Whitstable Tail) creates illustrative & 3D textile art based in the realm of Fairy Tales.

Fitchers Vogel is a Grimm tale of three sisters, and a robber bridegroom/sorcerer. This darkly magical character entices each sister to his ornately-decorated many roomed woodland abode, and gives her a key she must not use, and an egg she must not put down.

Fitchers Vogel (or Fitcher’s Bird) is a story in the same bloody vein as Bluebeard. The narrative will unfold during the week through textile figures using each room of the Cottage as a chapter. “Some rooms may never be the same again,” warns Ms Whitstable Tail herself.

The Small House Cottage is part of, a project curated by Eldi Dundee.

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