The Assembly group has been exhibiting together for the last four years at various venues around East Kent. Over 40 different artists have taken part in the previous events. The current show takes the form of a mobile art gallery, honouring Duchamp’s ‘BoĆ®te en Valise’ – or Box in a Suitcase. Artists have produced works that will fit inside a 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm cardboard box. These boxes will fit inside 2 tool boxes used to transport and display the work.
The boxes will be opened at various, as yet unspecified locations around Whitstable – on the beach, the seafront, on the streets or maybe even at an inside space or two.

For some of the time we will be inviting the public to choose which of the boxes to open – so roll up, roll up and take your turn at the ‘Assembly in a Box Show’.