This is a participatory performance in and around the streets and harbour area of Whitstable. As a performative game, its potential failure to succeed will result in generating speculative and ad hoc meetings of people with the participants, through spontaneous social meetings and interactions.

4 people who have never met and don’t know what each other looks like seek each other out, during the first Saturday of the Biennale. The selection of each participant will be arranged by a third party working for the organiser – Greig Burgoyne. Each of the four participants will be wearing a different colour t-shirt i.e. 1 in yellow, 1 in blue, 1 in red and 1 in green. The aim is that each of them seek to find the others. They have from 12 midday to 5pm to do this and each of participants must walk around Whitstable and remain outdoors throughout, except for loo breaks/ or a coordinated lunch break for all participants.

If they meet/find another of the participants they then seek to find the others. If they don’t find any of the other participants which is possible, if not highly likely, they will of course meet and speak with others wearing colour t-shirts who are NOT the person they were seeking. The game allows for those they meet to become part of the event and assist the the key players in finding the others if they wish.

The documentation will be made available online – post event. In this way the organised nature of our routines or imposed urban synchronicities can be ruptured. In doing so, alternative navigations of the everyday and predictable occur and new and spontaneous meetings can emerge. As such the events rational sees a submergence of dominant forms of public behaviour and situations, as new spontaneous meetings and societal relations emerging in their place. 

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