Renegades – famous women you’ve never heard of.

This standup/storytelling show tells the stories of extraordinary forgotten women in history: pirates, sword fighters, warrior queens, and more. Aside from revealing hidden histories, it focuses on their forgetting: how were these remarkable women erased from our cultural memory, and why. 

You’ll hear about:

– Julie D’Aubigny, a 17th century sword fighter who burnt down a convent to save her girlfriend
– Zheng Yi Sao, the most successful pirate of all time
– Semiramis, a legendary queen, like a female version of King Arthur… but with a murderous twist
– Queen Nanny of the Maroons a Jamaican “witch” who took on the British Empire and won

This show is a solo performance blending storytelling and stand-up comedy. It premiered in Canterbury in March as part of Power Of Women Fringe Festival. 

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