Exploring ideas of attachment and dependency, resentment and love, the emotional bond between person and place. The environment in which we grow up in becomes the set for our individual story, a map of memories, the soundtrack to our lives. On revisiting these places, experiences new and old begin to layer up forming new familiarities and deepening connections be they wanted or not.

When I’m not living next to the sea there is nowhere to go.

Words associated with, memories created in and, observations of locations around Whitstable are engraved on to padlocks which have been attached to significant places. These engravings are physical embodiments of my attachment to the town that I grew up in.

Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a padlock on your walk around this place, or maybe you’ll open the link and use the map to find them all.

“Inelegantly, and without my consent, time passed.”
– Miranda July

The padlocks used in this piece are supplied by Harry’s hardware store which is located on Harbour Street. As part of your engagement in Nowhere to go visit Harry’s, you are challenged not to come away with some useful thing.