Performance artist Liene Steinberga Cesar will attempt to restore order in an untidy stretch of Whitstable beach. This durational performance will draw on constant human struggle against the chaos that nature promises. Fighting against the unknown, we seem to destroy. Fearfully we work against our only home – the earth. Straight lines, vertical structures, waterproof everything – it is like nature is our enemy. An enemy we need to be protected against. The more comfortable we get, the safer we are, the more we multiply – the more we pose a huge disadvantage to Earth that can hardly sustain us. Whilst less waterproof housing, less ‘development’, less mass farming (food security), less people and more nature sends us into ‘let’s tidy this place up’ mode. ‘Let’s build some roads.’ Liene Steinberga Cesar will induce some well needed comfort of renaissance symmetry on an unruly section of beach. Artists chromosome set-up will provide steady advantage in the task.