If you find yourself wandering around Biennale-town and wrestling with unfathomable artefacts and cryptic written justifications, then this humble little exhibition may be for you – just a few pictures, composed with care, and made for the heart and eye. Respite is a collection of pictures by down-to-earth local types Chris Blunkell (paintings) and Nick Cordès (photographs) organised loosely around this central theme.

Do the swimmers seek refuge from the heat of the day and the constrictions of suit and shoes? Do the gallery visitors hide for a while from the world of spreadsheets and strategy? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Doubtless, there resides somewhere some dense conceptual framing that would encourage the making of a particular kind of sense, but Blunkell and Cordès can’t be doing with all that. Instead, they invite you to rest your eyes awhile on shape, tone and line, and make what you will of it all.