It’s not exactly an obsession of Clare’s, rather a fascination, for plants in the first stage of life. The seedling, having just burst through the earth, is so delicate, yet programmed for survival.

Clare aims to capture this magical event, full of optimism and hope, and freeze it in time. So, she have created my own version.

Her seedlings are handmade from silicone rubber. The aim being to convince you, the observer, that this is a living thing, ready to be planted into the ground to begin growing.

The seedlings will be made to give away, throughout the Whitstable Biennale. They will be placed in various locations around town, such as galleries, cafes, shops, restaurants and friend’s windows.
The seedlings will have ‘take root’ written on them to avoid any confusion.
Please take one, and be warned…it doesn’t need watering!