A collaboration between three artists and their connections with the coastline, the place where the work is being provoked by the nature of the sea shore and the essence of time passing by as we gaze on to the ethereal beauty of the here and now.

Uli Jaeger’s work originates in the everyday, the objects and materiality we share our lives with. It frequently is a response to a given space, and she uses the concepts of chance, play and not knowing to create abstract sculpture or prints.

Kaihui Zhang questions consciousness. Instead of representations of the external, she concentrates on looking for possibilities where the conscious mind and the external meets, that which can be felt but can never be verbally expressed.

Kaushikee Gupta narrates the essence of places she has been to, and makes her audience experience the soundscapes through her repertoire and the memories. She creates spaces using sound and texts, amalgamates them in her installations and mires the viewers inside the space of the present with its rhythm and prosody.