This collective of BA Fine Art students have come together to participate in the Satellite programme. The collection of works comes from explorations of different types of connection.

Jane Bowen-Bravery’s uses her concern with the rush of modern life, and the impact this has on our ability to see beauty in everyday natural interfaces. Her work has considered the inner interfaces and connections that form us.
Uli Jaeger forms connections through contrast, for example the visible and invisible. Here, she has considered The Street, which shifts between visibility and invisibility depending on the position of the tide.
Jessica Turner-Murrell constructs an alternative photo album through collections of objects and memories that evoke past times and have made an impact upon her.
Faye Glen employs eclectic imagery evoking childhood memories, which channel both innocence and darkness.
Evie Flewitt uses different lenses through which to view, providing points from which to explore. Using various media she creates images through cutting shapes, printing, collage and textiles.
Melanie Jordan employs needlework and textiles to explore organic forms and natural themes.