Inspired by the Unplugging Movement, and research into how digital technology is changing us, Unplugged is a meditation on how to embrace mindfulness, intimacy, and aloneness in the digital age. Unplugged wonders what we can do to negate the effects of losing ourselves to a world of screens, and offers audience members the chance to reflect on how digital technology affects their own lives.

It asks our audience to take a risk: to unplug, to detach, to truly explore their perception of the world without the filter of digital culture. In order to do this, we propose a journey. This journey starts with a letter in the post, asks you to board a train, instructs you to connect with strangers you meet, sneaks a peek at the blissful ocean, and asks you to take a chance on dinner with a stranger.

This is a self-led journey of discovery, structured by us, and embarked upon by you.

Tickets (to cover return train travel and food) are £35 and available from You must be available for the whole duration and willing to exist without a phone for that time.