A roaming exhibition, throughout Whitstable town centre and the seafront, displaying artworks on T-shirts worn by Repeater Collective.
Due to the high demand of physical space, the group has taken it upon themselves, quite literally, to offer artists the chance to show their work in this Satellite event alongside the Whitstable Biennale. This gives artists the chance to get their work seen by a new audience where they otherwise might not be able to.
The collective has invited artists and curated a collection of seven artworks to be shown on rotation throughout the one-day event during the Bienniale. While wandering throughout the seafront and town, Biennale visitors will be offered fold-out printed posters entailing the full list of artists’ works involved, with the title, medium and year of each work listed, along with the event details.

Featuring works by:
Greg Eason
Rufus Filmer
Luke Godfrey
Patrick Higgs
Andrew Sunderland
Jack Sutherland
Hannah Weatherhead.